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  • Feedless has coached over 350 000 matches.

    Used by over 10 000 Dota players

    6% average win rate increase.


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  • Feedless is the most complete Dota 2 Companion App

    The most intelligent...

    • Opens automatically every time you start a game
    • Grabs heroes directly from your screen
    • Shows you allies and enemies history so you can counter your opponents even before they make a move
    • Uses player's history to suggest the heroes that best work with your teammates and best counter your enemies

    ...and complete hero picker

    • Graphs of team advantage over time
    • Most likely hero positioning
    • Player's history and preferred heroes
    • Detailed breakdown of hero synergy and counter
    • Slick UI that totally matches Dota's new look

    Feedless has it all!

    Built in Item Build Helper

    • Get the best item recommendations directly in game!
    • Powered by machine learning 
    • Using data from professional matches
    • Always make the smartest build decisions!
    • Seamless connection with Dota

    In game coaching powered by AI

    • Feedless talks to you during the match
    • Huge list of options to customise what you want to be warned about
    • Know when heroes are missing, when you should split push, when to stack camps, when you're in danger of being ganked, where to place wards...the list goes on...

    Weekly Dota Raffles

    • Every week we raffle a complete Dota 2 set to Feedless users
    • Invite friends to try out Feedless and increase your chances of winning
    • More info here

    Just click the button below and start winning, right away!

  • Voiced by Phil Kidd!!

    He is now the official voice of our AI coach and we are super happy to have him on board!


    Check out his Youtube channel, twitter or personal page!

  • Take a look at FeedLess in action

  • “Many times feedLess has saved my butt from missing heroes. Also I love it's encouragement!”

    Tetsu Lim

    “It's great, it's like having a personal coach with you at all times.”

    Rafael Abrantes

    “So far i like it a lot. The hero selection process has always been hard for me but feedless is really helping me out on that part. And as a support player it really helps having a robot in your ear telling me to check my wards, 'mate'.”

    Mark Chechinski

    “Keep making feedless amazing as it is :D”

    Octavian Ratan

    “Feedless is amazing. I am playing support and it reminds me runes and warding duties. Also i cant decide whether i go back when i low or not. It tells me to go back etc. You did a great job guys. Happy to use it."

    Joshua Garciano

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    I have been playing MMORPG since i could talk.  Writing bots since i could type.

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