• Frequently Asked Questions

    Will using Feedless get me VAC banned?


    VAC looks for applications that try to read system memory to get game information or applications that take actions for you by interacting with the game.


    FeedLess only uses image processing on the screen to warn you about different situations in the game.

    This means FeedLess works the same way as a screen recording app!


    Having said this, we advise everyone not to use it on ranked matches.

    FeedLess can't find Dota's screen?

    To make sure FeedLess can find your Dota screen you have to be using it in borderless-window mode (you can change that in Dota's video settings) and it must be running with the full resolution of your monitor.

    What platforms does FeedLess work on?

    Unfortunately, for now, it only supports Windows.

    Sorry about that, Mac and Linux users!

    We'll make it happen someday!

    Can I use the mini map on the right side?


    FeedLess looks to both sides of the screen to figure out where the map is so use the mini map wherever you want!

    Is my computer gonna be slower because of FeedLess?

    When developing FeedLess we went through a lot of trouble to make sure this didn't happen.

    Frame rate is very important in fast paced games like Dota, so we spent a long time optimising everything to make sure FeedLess has a minimal performance impact.

    Also, part of the processing is done on our servers so your computer can focus on running Dota the best it can!

    How can I customise what Feedless tells me?

    Just open FeedLess and click the settings button.

    You'll see a bunch of check boxes with all our features that you can turn on or off at will.

    Even during a game.

    What do you mean by standard coloured mini map icons?

    Know how in dota you can chose between showing the heroes' faces or the coloured dots on the mini map?

    Well, that's it.

    FeedLess only supports the coloured dots. For now...

    How much does FeedLess cost?

    FeedLess is in beta and it is 100% free for now.

    We do intend on developing premium features in the future.

    Still having trouble with FeedLess?

    Email us to eblur.ai@gmail.com and we'll do our best to solve the issue.
    Remember that FeedLess is still Beta and is still far from perfect!

    We're improving it every single day and we appreciate any feedback you can give us!