• Feedless

    Tired of losing?

    We can help you win!

  • Feedless is the most

    seamless and complete

    Dota 2 companion App

    • Hero picking
    • In game Item build suggestions
    • Real time strategic advice

  • A powerful and versatile

    Hero Picker

    • Seamless integration with Dota's UI
    • Automatically grabs heroes from the screen
    • Direct access to players' histories
    • Counter and synergy breakdown
    • Uses Machine Learning algorithms trained with data over 500 000 matches
    • Pick the hero that increases your chances of winning the most

  • In game,

    machine learning powered,

    Build Suggestions

    • Always ON, non intrusive item suggestions
    • Trained with over 500 000 professional level matches
    • Automatically takes teams into account
    • Make the perfect build, every time

  • Audio, real time,

    fully customisable

    Strategic Advice

    • Feedless talks to you during a match
    • Fully voiced by Phil Kidd
    • Full customisation, individually turn tips On/Off
    • Roshan timers, deward warnings, missing calls, danger warnings...There's a lot we can help you with! 

  • Fully voiced by Phil Kidd!

    He is the official voice of Feedless and we are super happy to have him on board!


    Check out his Youtube channel, twitter or personal page!

  • Weekly set Giveaways!!

    • On top of everything else, we raffle one Dota 2 set every week
    • Invite friends to try Feedless and increase your chances of winning
    • Not sure how the the giveaways work? More about it here.

  • Download it now for free!

  • Feedless has been used on over 350.000 matches!

    Over 10.000 Dota players have installed Feedless

    The average win rate when using Feedless is 56%

    "Great job overall! This application has helped me climb at least 500 mmr if not more :) <3"

    “Many times feedless has saved my butt from missing heroes. Also I love it's encouragement!”

    “It's great, it's like having a personal coach with you at all times.”

    “So far i like it a lot. The hero selection process has always been hard for me but feedless is really helping me out on that part."

    “Keep making feedless amazing as it is :D”

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